Speak Up! Using Your Voice to Inspire and Transform

Learn the tools and techniques to becoming a powerful advocate and raise awareness about your cause! We all have the power to become advocates and make a change - no matter where we are! Start your journey today to speaking up and sharing your message with the world! 


Your voice matters. Your voice needs to be heard. Your story must be told! 


This course is for you - the young person wanting to speak up but not knowing how or where to begin. 

This course is for you - the dreamer of a better world, who wants to share a message or idea to every person on the planet. 

This course is for you - the changemaker ready to be a voice for those who do not have one.

This course is for you - the "normal kid" who feels like it's time to step into your power and share your voice for what you know is right. 

Because truth is, this course is for all of us. There is no time like the present for our generation to take a stand, unite as one, and tackle the world's greatest challenges and issues.

Being an advocate can be scary - there's the fear of speaking out and wondering what people will think, the questions of whether or not you are the right person to be speaking, and the never-ending anxiety of getting up on stage in front of a crowd of people. 

We totally understand how that feels, and still struggle with it. But here's the secret, the passion for what you do and your vision for the impact you want to make, can make all of that fade away instantly. Knowing why you are speaking out and the power your words can have, can effect any change and overcome any fear. 

This is our goal for you - to know that your voice has power, and that when you use it correctly, you can move mountains. 

People are waiting for you to take a stand and speak up - and now is your time! 

What You Will Learn In This Course

This course will be a step-by-step guide to empowering you to use your voice and become a powerful advocate for your cause. Throughout each module, we will provide you with tangible steps to take action every single day and share your voice! 

1. Harness the Power of Your Voice 

Learn the techniques to find the cause you are passionate about, share your message, and communicate in a way to create action and inspiration!

2. Empower Through Your Story

Through your story you can empower others to become changemakers as well! When you show that you achieved your goal, you give them courage to reach for theirs as well! 

Discover the power of your story, how to connect with others, and how to transmit your message that will reach the masses. 

3. Raise Awareness Online

You can transform lives even through social media! Learn the tools and steps to becoming an influencer and advocate online to promote your cause. 

Feel confident and inspired to be a young leader through social media and take a stand for causes you are passionate about through the power of media and videos! 

4. Overcome Fears of Public Speaking

Fear of speaking on stages happens to everyone!

Learn the easy tools and techniques we use to overcome our fears, communicate your message effectively, and empower others to take a stand through your stories! 


A Donation for Refugees 

With each purchase, we will be giving a percentage back to refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan in collaboration with our non-profit organisation Kids Unite 4 Hope.

Some of our current projects include: 

  • Teaching Afghan women and girls English 
  • Creating fun games and activities for refugee children
  • Providing educational supplies through our campaign #Backpacks4hope

By purchasing the course, not only will you be learning how to make your own impact, but also help us make a difference in our community! 

Meet Your Instructors

Hi! We are Kaitlin and Cassidy, two sisters on a mission to empower our generation to rise up and make a difference. 

After growing up traveling around the world full time our entire lives, receiving a global nomadic education, and dedicating our time for the past 5 years to help refugees, we have decided to share our knowledge and experience with you! 

Our journey of changemaking began while volunteering with Syrian refugees - starting our own NGO called Kids Unite 4 Hope and speaking around the world about the refugee crisis, youth leadership, and global citizenship. 

We have visited 100 countries, volunteered and spoken in 13 across 5 continents, and transformed the lives of 100s of kids and teens!

Speak Up! Using Your Voice to Inspire and Transform


  • Share your message with the world
  • Harness the power of your voice
  • Empower others through your story 
  • Become an online advocate 
  • Share your message on stages around the world
  • and much more!