...To everyone that has ever wanted to leave for a trip and come back new…

Create a Life of Purpose, Magic, and Wonder By Experiencing the Lessons of the World

It's your time to get the new explorer’s guidebook for transformational education and growth on the road!



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52 Transformational Qualities Sparked By Travel


See your life transform and make every moment magical in a brand new way! For the explorers, the adventures, and the wanderers, this is your new handbook to the magic of travel!


The World Is Calling You to Explore!


I know what it's like to be a traveler, trying to balance everything at the same time - sometimes missing out on moments and experiences of a lifetime. That's why I have created this book for you! 

....Yes you, the explorer, adventurer, or wanderer at heart.

....You, the person always wondering what's around the next corner or in the next city, constantly pushing the boundaries of your own comfort zone. 

....You, the experience and thrill-seeker, wanting more out of life than just the same old routine everyone else in society seems to be stuck in. 

....You, the rebel and rule-breaker that wants to live an extraordinary life beyond the box you have been made to fit in. 

Because the truth is, we all have an explorer's soul at heart. We all want more to life than just routines - we want to live each day while we still have time. 

 But it can sometimes feel like you are stuck. 

Like the world is on your shoulders - and you don't know how to break free to just enjoy the magic of life. 

Maybe you feel like: 

✅You want to just get away and go somewhere new and have a fresh start

✅You want to live life to the fullest and grow while you still have time to live

✅You would do anything to be free and finally have time to get in touch with the real you

✅You want to see the far corners of the Earth and discover what this planet has to offer

If that's you, I get it. And that is why I have created for you a guidebook to making the most of life - a new way of seeing each day as an opportunity to grow! 


How This Book Can Help You

  • Be inspired  to live each moment to the fullest and experience the magic of the world.

  • Learn how to look within your soul and reflect on your growth 

  • Gain the insight to explore and travel with inspiration and wonder

  • Transform into a global citizen and changemaker with a new-found sense of connection to all of the cultures in the world. 

Exploration - It Teaches You Everything You Don't Learn in a Classroom

The world is rapidly changing and evolving - and so we must also be ready to adapt to a new way of living! Travel is the best teacher of all, constantly expanding our hearts, minds, and souls!

Travel changes your life because: 

  • You are forced to step outside of your comfort zone making you grow and build character in new ways.

  • It shows you other cultures and ways of life - giving you the chance to understand that there isn't "one right way" of doing things. 

  • You can break free of the boxes you have been put in and get in touch with the true authentic you. 

  • You learn all of the qualities and characteristics that you never learned in school - such as curiosity, compassion, open-mindedness, and more! 

A Book Written in 100 Countries...


Sparks of Wisdom is a guidebook for explorers and travelers to learn through experiences and their journeys. Each spark is inspired by my own personal experiences traveling the world! Writing bits and pieces of the books over years of time in old leather journals or on the back of napkins, this book is an accumulation of true moments of awakening and overcoming of obstacles. All of the biggest lessons and transformations throughout my adventurer life are now in one place, ready to transform your life as well!



52 Sparks of Wisdom and Inspiration

A Spark is an  empowering and inspirational quality, idea, or characteristic that you gain through adventure and travel.

Spark Mantras To Use Every Day

Mantras are positive sentences and affirmations that can remind you in any moment of your power and truth. 

#SparksOfWisdom Quotes To Share

After each spark, you will find a powerful quote and hashtag empowering you to share it with others and inspire them as well!

Kaitlin's Backstory

For as long as I can remember I have been an explorer.

I could read maps before I could read books and was always in search for the next adventure or what I could find around the next corner. I grew up in multiple countries and cities, spending most of my childhood in Venice, Italy. Travel has always been the center of my life, leaving with my family when I was 14 to explore the world full time. 

For the next 7 years we adventured around the entire planet visiting 100 countries, learning from the world through cultural immersion, unbelievable experiences, and global connections. 

In 2015, we founded a charity called Kids Unite 4 Hope to help Syrian refugees and still help refugees from around the world today. 

It was during these moments that I found the power of experiences and learning from the world, for it helped me grow in ways I never would have imagined. It gave me a new glimpse into the magic of the world and how to see everything wth eyes of wonder. 

I have always been passionate about writing and documenting each and every moment, and so now I want to share with you the reflections, thoughts, and insights I have received over the years!  I consider each of these qualities to be a spark in your soul, lighting up your life and igniting your passion for adventure!

Sparks of Wisdom Bundle


For a value of $40 - you get it for $14.99!  


In the Sparks of Wisdom Bundle you will get: 

✅The Sparks of Wisdom Book

✅The Sparks of Wisdom Workbook to journey and reflect along your adventures! The workbook features questions and writing prompts to help you dig deeper into your own soul and transform your life. 

FREE! The Love, Hope, Courage Coloring Book. This coloring book features inspiring drawings and messages created by Cassidy Murray to help you feel inspired and joyful!

COLORING BOOK DONATION! With every purchase of the bundle, we will be donating 1 coloring book to a refugee child from Syria! In collaboration with our non-profit organization Kids Unite 4 Hope, we will be providing the refugee kids with the coloring book to inspire their creative souls and give them hope for the future! 


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Love, Hope, Courage


Love, Hope, Courage is a coloring book to inspire you, uplift you, and encourage you on days when you need hope to guide you. Get inspired and relax through this visual and uplifting coloring book designed to help you feel loved on days when you feel down, bring you hope on days when you need inspiration, and give you courage during times when you need to stand up and be brave.


Sparks of Wisdom Workbook


As you read the Sparks of Wisdom book, you can now follow along with your workbook and use the questions to reflect, journal, and get more in touch with your soul. My goal with this workbook is to provide you with the questions to help you grow, reflect, and understand yourself better! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Ready To Transform Your Life!



This book will help you: 

  • See the world through eyes of wonder
  • Learn how to make the most of each day 
  • Connect with who you are and your dreams 
  • Transform how you explore the world and connect with each and every destination




  • Sparks of Wisdom Ebook 
  • Sparks of Wisdom Workbook to journal and reflect
  • FREE Love, Hope, Courage Coloring Book by Cassidy Murray
  • Love, Hope, Courage Coloring Book donation to a refugee child from Syria to empower and give them hope!