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Little Humans by Mindvalley 

Focused on giving parents and families the skills and tools they need to be parents in this transforming world, Little Humans contains wisdom from many experts about how to navigate the journey of raising children. 

Our family, featured as one of the 16 world's leading parenting experts, shares our story and talks about the power of connecting as a family through travel. We share insights about learning from the world, how to reconnect with one another, how to create a powerful legacy, and how to make a difference in the world! 


Chicken Soup for the Soul 

This book is a compilation of 101 stories about the joy of having less and simplifying our lives to feel more empowered and fulfilled. 

Kaitlin was one of those authors, writing a story called 'A Heart Full of Memories'. Her story is about her journey of traveling the world with her family, leaving behind the comforts of living in one location and the power of seeing the world. She talks about the importance of worldschooling, experiencing other cultures, and how living with less "stuff" made her appreciate the important things in life. 


Chicken Soup for the Soul - Think Positive for Teens


In her second publication for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Kaitlin's story "A Heart Full of Memories" was used to inspire teenagers to think positive even in hard times. 

This book is dedicated to showing young people how to look on the bright side and dream big! Kaitlin's story empowers young people to keep dreaming and to remember that there is a whole wide world out there to explore. 

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