Become a youth instructor and share your knowledge with the world!

Are you looking to share your ideas, gain credibility, and scale your current projects and start-ups? This is the place for you. 


Every young person has something valuable to share with the world - including you! 


At OdysseyHQ, our goal is to provide young people with the tools they need to change the world and create a new movement of education! All of our courses are designed by young leaders themselves out in the field and changing their communities. 

But it gets better! We want to help you make a difference and give you the chance to scale your projects. By becoming an instructor, you will be able to gain an income to fund your projects and elevate your community! 

Why You Should Become An Instructor

Here are some main reasons why becoming an instructor can enhance your impact as a leader: 

  • Sell your very own course taught by you about the things you love and want to share with the world.
  • Gain valuable entrepreneur and business skills such public speaking, creating your product and content, digital marketing, and sales.
  • Be mentored on your journey by other young leaders. 
  • Have the opportunity to fund your own projects and start-ups. 
  • Elevate your community and reach more people.  

Our Goal Is To Help You Make A Difference 

We want to help you make an impact in the world and achieve your goals! As an instructor, you will receive a percentage of every sale from your products and programs to help you fund your impact in the world. 

If you have a humanitarian project or start-up that you have always wanted to create or you are already in the process of doing it, this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

Are you ready to become an instructor? 



How It Works


Step 1. Apply To Become An Instructor

Fill out our application to see if you meet the criteria to become an instructor. We are looking for instructors from all backgrounds, countries, and walks of life! 

See the section below to find a more in-depth description of our criteria and topics we are looking for. 


Step 2. Create Your Course

Once you are accepted into our instructor program, we will help you design your perfect product such as a mini course, masterclass, course, or program. 

If you are unsure of what to teach, we will guide you along the way as mentors. 

Step 3. Sell Your Product and Fund Your Vision

Now it's time to sell your product! Your course or program will be featured on our website and available for young people to purchase to learn more about your topic and passions. 


Step 4. Make An Impact Through Your Work

Now you can make an impact and scale your projects! If you are working with other youth, OdysseyHQ is a great tool to use to help them learn about making an impact!

All of our instructors must have a personal project or vision and passion to make a difference. 

Don't Know What To Teach? We Can Help! 

If you are a young leader wanting to be a guide but you don't know exactly what to share, you can apply to join our mentorship program to help you create your content! 

Contact us directly to learn more! 


Requirements To Become An Instructor

1. Work with a youth organization, non-profit, start-up, club or group, or have a personal project that is focused on giving back and making a difference in the world. 

2. Be knowledgeable about a certain topic and have a passion for sharing it! The current topics we focus on are:

  • Youth Activism and Leadership
  • Personal Development and Growth 
  • Travel and Global Citizenship 
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovative Solutions In Business
  • Mental Health and Well-Being 
  • New Ideas! We want to hear your ideas for topics that youth should learn. 

3. Ability to share information in a tangible structure and create exercises and action steps. Ability to film yourself and share your message. 

4. Passion to make a difference! 

Have Any Other Questions?

Reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have!