About Us

OdysseyHQ was founded by two sisters Kaitlin and Cassidy Murray, who are world explorers, advocates, and global citizens. 
Our goal is to empower the next generation of leaders with the tools, skills, and resources to make a positive impact and create social change in their communities through travel, personal transformation, and activism! 
Our vision is to see a more peaceful, just, and harmonious society that focuses on the benefit of all of humanity. We believe our generation can bring about a global shift through our actions and impact. 

Kaitlin Murray

CEO and Co-Founder

Kaitlin is passionate about writing, poetry, archaeology, travel, and learning about other cultures. She has recently published her first book called Sparks of Wisdom, based on the values and lessons you learn from exploring and how to apply those to your life. She is currently writing her second book Transformational Changemaker, focused on providing youth with the tools to be the change they want to see in the world. 

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Cassidy Murray

Co-Founder and Media Director

Cassidy is passionate about filmmaking, writing, graphic design, volunteering, and much more. Through her filmmaking, she wants to share the stories of people around the world - in particular the Refugee Crisis in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. She currently runs a school in Athens, Greece teaching refugee women and girls basic language skills and to know their rights!

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Our Story

Exploring and learning from the world, becoming global citizens, making a change.

Since the beginning of our childhoods, we were explorers and citizens of the world. We grew up in several different countries including the Netherlands, Germany, US, France and Italy. The longest time we ever spent in one place was in Venice, Italy for 7 years – where we integrated into the Italian culture and experienced our childhoods in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! 

Our childhood was based on adventures and exploration, always going somewhere new and learning about other cultures. You could say we learned to decipher maps and navigate through airports before we learned to read! 

In 2013, we left Venice to explore the world full-time with our family. For the past 8 years we have been living on the road and getting a nomadic global education, immersing ourselves in different cultures and learning first hand about the places we are experiencing.

We believe that the entire world is our classroom and all of the people we meet along the way are our teachers, giving us wisdom and knowledge from all different parts of the planet. Education is rapidly evolving from just being within a structured environment to a more global perspective, and our goal is to share this new style of learning with others!

In 2015, we started a non-profit organization called Kids Unite 4 Hope to help refugees who are fleeing war in search for a better life. We have volunteered in Turkey and Greece helping hundreds of kids and starting a makeshift school in a refugee camp in Athens.

Since then we have been traveling around the globe and giving back to the local communities and inspiring others to do the same. We are passionate about raising awareness about the refugee crisis and sharing the messages of unity, compassion, and global citizenship with the world!

Our Family Adventures across 100 countries!

Our Manifesto

1. We are a global family and community. 

We believe that humanity is one family, across all borders and nations. At OdysseyHQ, we are committed to uniting all people no matter where they are from or their background. One of our mottos is Unity in Diversity.

2. We value self transformation and continuous learning. 

One of our foundational values is self-transformation. The more we grow as people, the more we are able to make an impact in the world. We believe that we should never stop learning and growing, no matter our age. 

3. We stand for social change. 

We believe that every human on the planet has the right to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. We are committed to being a platform that promotes and speaks out for unity, equality, diversity, and human rights. 

4. We believe young people are powerful leaders and have a message to share. 

We believe every person, no matter their age, has the right to share their message with the world and leave their mark on humanity. We know each individual’s personal experience, viewpoint, and ideas are equally valuable and important. 

5. We prioritize human connection and true authenticity. 

At OdysseyHQ, we are committed to creating a global community based upon acceptance, authenticity, and true connection. We know that being a part of a welcoming community has a transformational effect on people’s well-being and health. 

6. We value travel, exploration, and global citizenship. 

We believe that travel is the antidote to division, racism, and hatred. As a learning platform, we are committed to giving a well-rounded global perspective in our content and promote exploration. 


No one is unqualified when it comes to serving humanity.

Our Humanitarian Work

In 2015 we began volunteering with Syrian refugees in Turkey which sparked our passion for humanitarian work. Since then we have dedicated our time and travels to helping those in need, particularly kids and teens, and have shared their stories all over the world. Here is a link to our nonprofit organization, Kids Unite 4 Hope.

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