SDG 17: Creating Collaborations for Change

Learn about the importance of collaborations, partnerships, and steps to achieve them! 


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A Global Community

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Are you a young person looking to connect and create a change?


....Are you searching for a way to connect with other youth and create meaningful partnerships?

.... Are you wanting to expand your organization through collaborations?  

.... Do you want to connect with other people who have a similar vision and mission as you?

This is the perfect place for all young people looking for a way to create collaborations and partnerships!

Begin Today To Work Towards the Global Goals! 


What You Will Learn

 In this masterclass you will learn:

✔️About the Sustainable Development Goals

✔️SDG17 and it's mission

✔️Why it is important to create partnerships and collaborations

✔️6 ways to create change through partnerships

✔️The impact of social media in regards to collaborations

✔️And how to create partnerships in your everyday life!


Meet Your Instructor

Cassidy Capri Murray

Co-Founder of OdysseyHQ

Cassidy Murray is an Italian/American traveler who has been adventuring around the world for the past 7 years visiting 100+ countries. She is a humanitarian, activist, and refugee advocate. She co-founded Kids Unite 4 Hope, an organization to help refugees and to inspire and empower kids across the globe to make a difference. 

She is passionate about writing, volunteering, photography, and filmmaking and hopes to spread awareness about the Refugee Crisis through her inspirational work. She is also the co-founder of OdysseyHQ. 

She believes that everyone, no matter their age, can make a difference and make the world a more peaceful and loving place for future generations. 

Create partnerships to change the world!


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