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A Transformational Learning Journey Beyond the Classroom

Are you a teen or young adult who wants to make a difference in the world? Are you looking for a group of global, like-minded friends who understand and support you? Do you feel school doesn't equip you with the essential life skills and mindset to thrive? Wouldn't it be great if there was one place where you could learn, grow, explore, connect, and help others?

Well now there is!

Welcome to OdysseyHQ!

What is OdysseyHQ?

We are a global youth-led educational platform and community providing the tools and space for youth to use their projects, passions, and talents to make an impact in their communities and the world through online courses and programs in activism, entrepreneurship, travel, personal development, cultural understanding, and more.


Our Values

Diversity. Equality, Unity, Compassion. Exploration. Empowerment.

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How OdysseyHQ Works

Transform Education

The current model of education does not fully equip the youth of today with the right skills and mindset they need to live fulfilling lives and make a difference in their communities -  so that is where we come in. Our goal is to provide youth with the tools and support they need to thrive in the future through online courses, mentorship programs, clubs and meetups, international summits, and life-changing expeditions.


Fund Youth-Led Projects

Our goal is to provide the space for young leaders and humanitarians to share their passions, develop their skills, and fund their projects. At OdysseyHQ, we mentor youth to develop their own courses and programs, fund their projects and organizations, and elevate their communities. That is why all of our programs and courses are taught by young people out in the field making a difference. 


Create A Global Movement

Our vision is to create a movement of youth passionate about making an impact in the world and pushing humanity forward through transformative education, impactful projects, and incredible friendships. We believe that our generation can unite together and create innovative solutions towards peace, sustainability, and prosperity. Learn the skills to change the world and take action today!

Educate. Empower. Elevate

Become an OdysseyHQ Instructor

OdysseyHQ is a platform designed  for young people to share their talents and skills with the world, while also having the ability to scale their entrepreneurial and humanitarian projects and ideas. This can provide them with the opportunity to teach their knowledge to the world, fund their projects, gain visibility, and inspire the next generation of leaders to learn how to change the world. 

Are you a young leader with a vision to change the world? Apply today to become an OdysseyHQ instructor! 
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Featured Courses

Meet Our Founders

Hi! We are so excited you are here! We are Cassidy and Kaitlin, two sisters and world explorers passionate about helping others and empowering the next generation of leaders and changemakers. 

We are youth leaders, activists, refugee advocates, international speakers, authors, and global citizens who have traveled to 100 countries while worldschooling, starting a non-profit, volunteering, and co-founding multiple projects along the way.  

We look forward to meeting you and sharing your awesome story, project, passion, vision, talents, and more!


100 Countries Visited

We have held workshops and trainings around the world! In total, we have currently visited 100 countries during our efforts to see the world and learn about other cultures. 

1000+ Lives Changed

Through our many humanitarian projects in collaboration with our non-profit Kids Unite 4 Hope, our goal is to help people in need including refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

See Where Our Humanitarian Journey Began - Kids Unite 4 Hope

500+ Youth Empowered

Over the last 5 years, we have empowered hundreds of teens and young adults to live their best lives and give back to the world. Our community is all over the world on 6 continents! 

"From the moment we met, I knew that Cassidy and Kaitlin were destined for greatness! Drawing from their years of in the field experience & unmatched empathy, OdysseyHQ is setting the bar for youth leadership and forging a world that is more compassionate, inclusive, and equitable for all."

Monique Coleman
Emmy Nominated Actress and Global Youth Advocate

""They got more applause than pretty much anyone in the history of Mindvalley University. Their passion, their mission, their grace, and especially their gigantic hearts are utterly infectious. There is so much that older generations can learn from these kids. You guys are such a freaking inspiration for everyone over here.""

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of Mindvalley

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We believe that to change the world, we must begin by transforming ourselves! Do you agree? 


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